Some of our homes are state-funded, financed by the Housing and Development Center (ARA). When choosing tenants, we follow ARA’s regulations, which are based on housing needs, wealth and income.

Part of our property portfolio is freely-financed, where we do not follow ARA’s restrictions.

Many factors affect how long the waiting time is for our homes, e.g. the urgency of the housing need, the area and the type of housing. We process received applications daily. We review the credit information of all applications via Suomen Asiakastieto Oy.

Remember that a well-filled application speeds up the processing.

Credit disruptions are taken into account and an overall assessment of the situation is made.

Before moving in, we require a rental security corresponding to two months’ rent. The security can be paid into our account or be in the form of a payment connection from FPA or Socialbyrån. When moving out, the security can be used for unpaid rents, cleaning, vandalism or lock replacement.

On our website there are already vacant homes and homes that will be vacant. Some of them may already be reserved or offered for previous applications. We remove the homes from our website when we have made written contracts.

We approve pets in our homes. Remember that you are personally responsible for your pet and must follow the house rules.

All rental agreements drawn up after 2013 state that smoking in the home is prohibited. Smoking on the balcony is allowed.