Information for tenants

Parking spaces

Most of our houses have parking spaces with electrical outlets for engine heaters. To book a parking space call 019-289 3975 or 019-289 3869 or you can send an e-mail to


To book a sauna visit, please call 019-289 3975 or 019-289 3869. In many houses it is also possible to take a sauna every other week. The sauna days vary between the houses, so calling is the best way to book a sauna.

Car wash

Car washing is not allowed on the property with either hose or bucket.

Laundry room / drying room

Most of our houses have a laundry room and a drying room. We do not charge a fee for the use of these.

Waste sorting

All our houses have waste sorting. Sorting the waste is something that all our tenants are required to do. Garbage must be taken to the waste bins without intermediate storage in stairwells, on balconies or outdoors. Larger batches of waste, hazardous waste and electronic waste must all be taken to a recycling center. No waste may be disposed of via wastewater!

Household waste must be sorted as follows:

  • Plastic products, dirty packaging, dirty cardboard, ash, broken clothes.
  • NOTE! No hazardous waste, no large batches of waste or electronic waste.
  • Clean and dry plastic packaging such as food and detergent packaging, plastic bottles and plastic bags.
  • NOTE! Plastic products, PVC and dirty packaging must be disposed of in mixed waste.
  • Only packaging glass such as bottles and jars, both colored and uncolored.
  • NOTE! Drinking glasses, mirrors and window glass must be disposed of in mixed waste.
  • Biowaste, food leftovers, vegetable and fruit peels, coffee and tea grounds and kitchen paper are sorted as biowaste.
  • Remember to pack the waste in the appropriate biodegradable packaging.
  • Foil, cans, frying pans.
  • Clean and dry packaging of cardboard and cardboard. Be sure to flatten the packaging.
  • Magazines and newspapers, advertisements, brochures, envelopes, copying paper, books after removing the covers, white paper bags.
  • NOTE! Not wrapping or gift paper. No cardboard, paperboard, or plastic. No papers coated with aluminum or wax. No carbon paper. No confidential documents.