Rules of behaviour

Each property has its own rules of behaviour. These rules are posted in the stairwells or on the notice board at each property. A copy of the rules of behaviour is given to each tenant when the lease is signed.

Below you will find a general overview of the rules of behaviour:

Most of our stairwells are closed between 9pm and 6am. Doors that are closed in this way must not be set or wedged so that they do not lock. Wipe shoes and the paws of pets before entering the stairwell so as not to get mud etc. in the stairwells and corridors. Apartments must not be ventilated into the stairwells. Nothing may be stored in stairwells and corridors. Move without making excessive noise in stairwells and corridors.

This type of cleaning is only allowed in places reserved for the purpose and only during the permitted times.

Only bicycles and outdoor equipment may be stored in storerooms intended for the purpose. Motor vehicles must not be stored in these storage areas. Utilities and bicycles that are not in a usable condition must not be stored in these stores. Flammable materials, liquids and gas as well as objects that cause odor or other nuisance must not be stored in these areas.

Hot food must not be prepared on the balcony or terrace. Smoking is allowed on balconies and terraces, if tenants and their guests collect the cigarette ends in an ashtray with a closable lid. Cleaning or watering of flowers on the balcony must not result in inconvenience to neighbours.

All kinds of noisy activities are forbidden between 11pm and 7am. Loud noise must be avoided after 8pm. Obviously, disturbing activities are prohibited regardless of the time of day.

You can walk on the lawns unless specifically forbidden.

Animals may be without a leash only inside their own home. Animals must not be left near playgrounds. Animals must not defecate on the grass areas: should this occur, the animal’s owner must clean up immediately.

Do not feed birds near the houses: pests are drawn to the dining areas and may then may attempt to try to find their way into the houses.

Motor vehicles should be parked in parking areas and bicycles in parking places or storage facilities intended for that purpose. Strollers may be stored in your own home, the residential storage or in the tool storage if they fit there. Nothing may be stored in corridors and stairwells.

It is forbidden to hang antennas, posters and signs on the facades without permission.

Report any water leak immediately. Report to the manager, property manager or on-call service.