Termination of residence and moving out

Notice period

The notice period is always a calendar month when the tenant terminates the lease. The notice period is calculated from the end of the month in which the notice was given to the landlord. Submit the notice in writing.

Relocation notification

Also, give a relocation notification to the post office and the magistrate. Additionally, remember to announce your move to all associations you are a member of and companies that you are a customer of.

Associated services

Services linked to the address, such as electricity contracts and fixed internet subscriptions, must be terminated or moved.


Large waste consignments when moving out must be taken to a recycling centre, they must not be thrown in the residence’s rubbish bins. Start packing on time, and the move will be smoother. Sell or give away things that someone else may need but that you yourself no longer have use for.


Empty and clean the home properly. Contact us for a relocation inspection when you are sure that the home will be ready for such an inspection.

Termination of residence

A lease agreement that is valid until further notice terminates upon termination when the notice period has expired. The notice period is counted from the last day of the calendar month during which the notice is given. When the tenant terminates the lease agreement, the notice period is one month.

The day of termination of the lease agreement is the day when the tenancy ends due to termination.

The moving day is the weekday immediately following the day of termination of the lease agreement. If the tenant has terminated the lease agreement themselves, the court cannot postpone the moving day upon the tenant’s request.

The notice must be given in writing to the landlord or property manager.

When spouses live in an apartment that they have jointly rented or one of them has rented, the spouse may not terminate the lease agreement without the consent of the other.

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